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30th June
written by Matt The Cat

Here is an email sent by Michael Rodgers, Jimmie Rodgers son regarding the surgery Jimmie went through on Thursday, June 28th to remove the steel plate that was put in his head 40 years ago.

The surgery began that morning with a group prayer with the Dr’s and family.Dad was in great spirits talking with the nurses and the admitting staff and even signed a few autographs for them. He didn’t seem to have a worry in the world but deep down I know he was nervous.When they wheeled him into the operating room the surgeons had “Jimmie Rodgers Greatest Hits” on the CD player.Dad suggested that they turn that guy off as he didn’y really like that guy to much (Ha). They all laughed and asked what he wanted to hear. Dad said how about a little Johnny Cash. And so Johnny sang dad to sleep.Once he was out cold they put JR back on the music system and left it on the rest of the surgery.

About four minutes after beginning, the Doctors pulled back the scalp to reveal the plate. When they did that the plate literally lifted up and jumped up away from his head. The Doctors, five in all a Neuro Surgeon, Two Plastic Surgeons,Two Stem Cell Specialists and the rest of the team began to clean the plate and lift it away from the head. It released itself and came away clean. On the video tape of the surgery we could hear the Neuro Surgeon say Oh my God look at that. How did that get there? Under the plate was revealed a complete and intact skull bone where three months ago there was none.The entire hole in the bone which was an eight inch by six inch oval had grown completely closed with a new skull bone which was smooth and shaped to match the existing skull. It was perfect in every way and was the same thickness as the other bone.The Droctors said that in 35 years of surgery they had never seen anything like it.

They did not need to recreate a new skull bone at all. Dad was completely healed and made whole again after 40 years.The stem cell Doctors sprayed a stem paste made from dads blood over the skull bone and onto the skin flap and the Plastic Surgeons closed him up. The stem paste will keep him from swelling and will encourage skin growth onto the bone.The entire procedure took about 28 minutes and after one hour in recovery Dad walked out of the room on his own much to the anger and dismay of the nursing staff. He spent one night in the hospital and was released yesterday.

When we left the hospital yesterday he was hungry so we went to a nearby Olive Garden restaurant for lunch. You should have see everyone’s face when dad walked in with this turban bandage on his head. It was very funny.As of this morning June 30, 2007 he went bass fishing and when I spoke to him about an hour ago he had landed two.My father and our family want to personally thank everyone who has sent emails and well wishes from around the world. Your prayers and positive thoughts were heard and all of our lives have been changed in such an amazing way.

We cannot thank you enough. So if anyone asks you how Jimmie Rodgers is doing please tell them that he is completely healed and is in perfect health.

Congratulations to Jimmie Rodgers and I look forward to having him on The Night Prwol Show again soon.