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16th November
written by Matt The Cat

Tonight, Novelty Thursday returns to The Night Prowl Show. Call in and request your favorite humorous, silly novelty songs from the 1950s and early ’60s.

Vote for your favorite 1950s Novelty song in the XM NATION AWARDS here!

In honor of Novelty Thursday and for a limited time, hear THE MATT THE CAT STORY! Prowler, Long Island Bob spent a lot of time putting this tribute together in the tradition of the great Buchanan and Goodman “cut in” records. Give THE MATT THE CAT STORY a listen by clicking HERE!

Remember, Andrew Solt joins me Friday Night to talk about ELVIS: The Ed Sullivan Shows new 3 DVD set that he produced.

Keep it soulful,
Matt The Cat


  1. The RollerCoaster

    The Matt the Cat Story by L.I.B. is the best novelty song of 2006!

  2. Long Island Bob

    Thanks, Coaster.

    No DJ or show host back in the 50’s and early 60’s was ever honored with his own biographical platter. Guess that puts our Furry Leader in the “one-of-a-kind” category.

    Created this novelty before your name change, so now Prowlers know that Roller Coaster was once known as “Warren from New Jersey”. We like “Coaster” much better.

  3. Paul from Michigan

    I even like “Caostah” as Matt the Cat says, bettah. I was able to catch most of the novelty show last night, and especially enjoyed hearing the “Lone Psychiatrist”.

    Reallyyyy good sheww!

  4. The Coaster

    L.I.B. and Matt and all the Night Prowlers. One day Matt the Cat will be the big cheese of the 50’s XM satellite radio and the Matt the Cat Story will be his theme song and will be played by request!
    Night Prowlers,let’s please(I will) keep this site cool and maybe this could become the new experimental “Plattah Chattah!”

  5. Paul from Michigan

    Way tah go Coastah! I am working long hours, but am for whatever the other regulars and MTC decide. RIP Miss Rhythm!

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