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17th October
written by Matt The Cat
Happy 80th Birthday

Chuck Berry

Tonight we salute the legendary Shakespeare of Rock n’ Roll, Chuck Berry. His influence can be felt all over popular music from the day “Maybellene” hit the charts all the way up to today. His songs were about things that every rock n’ roll kid could relate to: school, cars & young love. No matter who you are, you have a favorite Chuck Berry song. Help us honor The Chucker with a Very Berry Wednesday on The Night Prowl Show.

Wednesday, October 18 from 7-11pm on XM’s 50s on 5

15th October
written by Matt The Cat
Sonny Burgess
The Pacers

Live on the Monday Night Prowl Show

Don’t miss Sonny Burgess and a few members of his legendary band, The Pacers, live from the XM Satellite on Monday, October 16th. Sonny is one of the craziest, heppest rockabilly cats of all-time. His Sun sides are virtually unmatched for sheer energy, power and groove. He’ll tell his story Monday Night on the show. Learn more about Sonny and The Pacers by dropping by their website,



13th October
written by Matt The Cat
The Late, Great
Johnny Ace

This week HARLEM takes a look at the first true casualty of Rock n’ Roll, Johnny Ace. He was one of the most promising young R&B; talents of the early to mid 1950s until he died under very mysterious circumstances on Christmas Day, 1954 in Houston, TX. You’ll hear several of his top R&B; hits plus the story behind the story of the late, great Johnny Ace, this week on HARLEM.

Harlem Airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 10/16 @ 1pm over Boston
Tuesday Night 10/17 at 9pm over LA & Midnight over NYC
Friday 10/20 at 6pm over Philadelphia
Sunday Morning 10/22 at 11am over Ocean Beach, NJ

Don’t forget that Johnny Ace was such a signature figure that Paul Simon used his death as a metaphor for the murder of John Lennon in his song, “The Late Great Johnny Ace”.