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6th October
written by Matt The Cat
Mr. Excitement

In the 1950s JACKIE WILSON had it all. His looks, his moves and his incredible voice shook the nation and helped to usher in the dawn of rock n’ roll. Where do you think Elvis got all those pelvic gyrations? He got ’em from JACKIE, man. Hear Jackie Wilson’s earth shaking beginnings as lead vocalist for the Dominoes through to his 1957 breakthrough and beyond. Look up “soul” in your dictionaries and sure enough you’ll find a picture of Jackie Wilson (and Bobby Bennett), because he was there when it all began and so was HARLEM on the 50s on 5.

Catch Harlem 4 times weekly on the 50s on 5:
Monday 10/9 @ 1pm over Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday 10/10 @ 9pm over LA & midnight over Medford, MA
Friday 10/13 @ 6pm over Baltimore, MD
Sunday 10/15 @ 11am over Harlem, NY