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29th September
written by Matt The Cat
Rhythm & Blues Drinking Songs
Part 2 (still drunk)
Harlem just can’t be satisfied. We’re still thirsty for some Whiskey, Gin & Wine, so we’re headin’ back to the bar, pub and juke joint for some more Rhythm & Blues Drinking Songs. This week, you’ll hear a new set of drinkin’ songs from Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris, Stick McGhee, The Clovers, Big Jay McNeely and many many more. Harlem’s philosophy: What’s the use of getting sober, when you’re only gonna get drunk again.

Harlem Airs on The 50s on 5:
Monday, 10/2 at 1pm over a juke joint in Mississippi
Tuesday night 10/3 at 9pm over a dive in LA and midnight over a pub in Boston
Friday 10/6 at 6pm over a gin mill in Baltimore
Sunday 10/8 at 11am for the morning after

Who drank my beer, while I was in the rear?

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