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19th April
written by Matt The Cat
Chart Thursday RETURNS!
Chart Thursday is BACK, but with a different format this time. Instead of the usual task of taking a chart and scanning it all night long, I’m going to present the #1 records on this date from every year during the 50s decade. I will use both the Pop and Rhythm & Blues charts to do this. This way we can hear the differences between the charts during the early years of the 1950s and the similarities during the end of the decade. I hope you join me in prowlin’ the charts on this CHART THURSDAY!
17th April
written by Matt The Cat
Roy Orbison
In Dreams
Part 3

50s on 5

Wednesday, April 19 at 4pm EST, Friday, April 21 at 2pm EST & Saturday, April 22 at 5pm EST.

Part Three of the Complete Roy Orbison looks at the third and final chapter of his legendary career. Roy’s switch from Monument Records to MGM Records meant that the songs remained top notch, but the hits were few and far between. Roy never stopped touring and writing and believing that one day he’d make it back up to the top. You’ll hear his amazing comeback in the 80s with the hits “You Got It”, “Crying” with KD Lang and “Handle With Care” with the Traveling WIlburys. Some of the people that knew him best, like Tom Petty, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Bono and Elvis Costello share some of their Roy Orbison stories.

16th April
written by Matt The Cat
C’mon Everybody!

Eddie Cochran

Rock n’ Roll icon Eddie Cochran died on April 17th, 1960 in a horrible automobile crash in Wiltshire, England. Gene Vincent and Eddie’s girlfriend were also in the car and were injured. We lost one of the most promising young singers/guitar players on that day. Hear Eddie’s greatest recordings Monday Night as Matt The Cat honors a rock n’ roll cat with a rockabilly heart.