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26th March
written by Matt The Cat
45 RPM Thursday

Friday, March 31st marks the 57th anniversary of RCA’s official launch of the 45 RPM record; the medium that would carry the message of r0ck n’ roll to the masses. Join the Night Prowl Show as we remember some of the greatest 45s of all time as well as listen to a playback of an interview I did with Jim Dawsom and Steve Propes, authors of the fantastic book “45 RPM”. What was the first 45 you bought? Where did you used to buy them and how did this little 7″ record with the big hole change your life? This is one Night Prowl Show not to miss.

25th March
written by Matt The Cat
Evolution Of A Song
“Sixty Minute Man”
The Dominoes – 1951

This week HARLEM traces the history of one of the most important songs in not only rhythm & blues history, but also in rock n’ roll history; the Dominoes 1951 hit, “Sixty Minute Man”. This song was so significant, because in all of its sexually risqué glory, it somehow managed to crossover and hit #17 on the pop charts. That meant that both blacks and whites were gettin’ down to the Dominoes’ raunchy sound. This record would set the stage for more R&B; crossovers over the next few years, leading up to the Rock n’ Roll Explosion of the mid-1950s. But where did this song come from? Believe it or not, but “good rockin’ Dan”, the main character in the song can be traced back to 1922. He also appeared a few times during the 1930s and after “Sixty Minute Man” became a hit, Dan would appear in many sequels. You’ll get the entire story behind the story of the evolution of “Sixty Minute Man” this week on Harlem with Matt The Cat.

Harlem Airs on The 50s on 5:

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20th March
written by Matt The Cat

The Night Prowl Show
with Matt The Cat

We celebrate one of New Orleans’ greatest sons, Clarence “Frogman” Henry. He turned 69 on Sunday, March 19th.

For Bluesday Tuesday, soul music pioneer and the King Of Rock n’ Soul, Solomon Burke is 70 years old.

West Coast Wednesday features and extra heaping helping of groups and vocalists from the West Coast. Especially West Coast Doo Wop.

Rockabilly Thursday returns to honor the late Johnny Burnette, who was born on March 25, 1934. You’ll hear the Rock n’ Roll Trio as well as Burnette’s solo records and a whole lot of rockabilly from Carl Perkins to Charlie Feathrs.