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26th February
written by Matt The Cat
Fats n’ Cash

The Night Prowl Show returns LIVE to the airwaves on Monday, February 27th to honor BOTH Fats Domino and Johnny Cash. Fats turned 78 on Sunday, while Johnny Cash would have been 74 on the same day. We’ll honor these two very different, but equally important rock n’ rollers on Monday’s Night’s show.

BLUESDAY TUESDAY will feature the late Frankie Lymon, who died 38 years ago on February 28th in Harlem, NY.


  1. 26/02/2006

    Great timing too since “Walk the Line” is released on DVD on Tuesday!

    Welcome back Matt! Hope the vaca was good 🙂

  2. Long Island Bob

    Good catch, Melia. Johnny Cash timing couldn’t be better with the DVD release and oscar night coming up. Also, this week has Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras so Antoine’s birthday comes with perfect timing as well. Long Island Bob.

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