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20th January
written by Matt The Cat

The Greatest DJs of All Time!

Alan Freed died on this day in 1965 and Wolfman Jack was born tomorrow, the 21st of January back in 1939. Tonight, The Night Prowl honors these two great DJs as well as some of the others (Dick Biondi, Hunter Hancock, Jack Carney, Jumpin’ George and many others).

After the whole payola scandal had blown over in 1960, Freed could no longer work in New York State. He headed for the West Coast and landed a job on KDAY in LA. Tonight, I’ll present an exclusive aircheck of Freed on the air in LA from 1961 that has seldom been heard.

Plus, the Friday Night Cat Fight returns at 10pm EST / 7pm PST. We need your vote, so don’t miss it.

Have a great weekend and keep on prowlin’.