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19th November
written by Matt The Cat
THIS WEEK…It’s over the R&B; river and through the soulful woods…


This week, Matt The Cat gets away for THANKSGIVING as HARLEM takes to America’s highways, skyways and oceans. We’re featuring an hour of 1950s R&B; songs about cars (Rocket 88), trains (The Train Kept A-Rolling), Boats (The Ship Of Love) and of course flying in a satellite (My Satellite by Jesse Belvin). It’s all about gettin’ to where you’re going (Destination Love) and beyond. I just hope we don’t get stuck (Flat Tire). So enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend on the road with HARLEM on the 50s on 5.

HARLEM airs on the 50s:
Monday 11/21 @ 1pm in the East
Tuesday 11/22 @ 9pm over LA & Midnight over The Bronx
Friday 11/25 @ 6pm over Cape Cod
Sunday 11/27 @ 11am over Pensacola, FL

Remember, the stuffing goes INSIDE the turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my cats n’ kittens.
18th November
written by Matt The Cat
Hank Ballard
Friday Night
Matt The Cat honors the late, great Hank Ballard on tonight’s Friday Night Prowl Show. Today would have been his birthday, but no one’s exactly sure when he was born? Along with his hits and misses with The Midnighters, Ballard will participate in tonight’s world famous Friday Night Cat Fight. Don’t miss the Cat Fight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.
Daddy Dave’s Hollywood Diner follows the Night Prowl Show at 11pm ET tonight.
Take the Night Prowl poll and let me know what feature you dig the most on the show. Click Here to go to the Plattah Chattah Forum.
17th November
written by Matt The Cat
Flip It Over Thursday

Tonight Matt The Cat’s going to be working EXTRA hard, because he has to use his incredible DJ speed to play side A and then flip the record over so you Night Prowlers can hear side B. Yes, let’s all rejoice and welcome the return of Flip It Over Thursday or B Side Thursday as they like to call it in Cuba. Request your favorite A and B side tonight by calling the Request-O-Matic Hotline at 1-866-267-0346.

Also, XM 5 is now on Direct TV channel 202. If you know someone with Direct TV, please let them know that the action’s on XM Radio from 7-11pm ET on The Night Prowl Show.