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15th October
written by Matt The Cat

The Shakespeare Of Rock n’ Roll Turns 79

The Night Prowl Show is proud to honor one of the father’s of Rock n’ Roll on a special Bluesday Tuesday edition of the show. As Chuck turns 79, we’ll look back on some of his biggest hits and lesser known classics as well as airing some live recordings from his 1956 appearance on Alan Freed’s Rock n’ Roll Dance Party.

7pm East – 4pm West

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15th October
written by Matt The Cat

Cruise The Streets of Harlem with:


By 1955, it was very UNCOOL to name your vocal group after a bird or a flower. Why? Well, because the most successful doo wop/R&B; group in the land was named after a car. Thus, the beginning of the car naming trend. The Cadillacs made history when “SPEEDO” not only became a huge top 3 R&B; hit in ’55, but also made it to an impressive and virtually unheard of #17 crossover on the Pop lists. This week Matt The Cat will dig up some Cadillacs spare parts, so we can cruise in style. Only on HARLEM, The 50s on 5.

HARLEM airs on XM5:
Monday 10/17 @ 1pm over Harlem, NY
Tuesday Night 10/18 @ 9pm over LA / Midnight over NY
Friday 10/21 @ 6pm over Newark, NJ
Sunday morning 10/23 @ 11am over MattTheCatachusetts