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1st October
written by Matt The Cat
One of the forgotten LEGENDS OF RHYTHM & BLUES:

Larry Darnell was the biggest R&B; artist of 1950 and the top selling artist of all time for Regal Records, but you’d never know it today. By the end of the 1950s, his flame of popularity had virtually blown out, but back at the beginning of the decade it was burning strong and bright. This week, I’m going to set the record straight and bring Larry Darnell back to glory days by spotlighting some of his greatest records from 1949’s immortal “I’ll Get Along Somehow” to 1957’s “Ramblin’ Man”. Don’t miss a single tear drop with Larry Darnell, a true R&B; legend on HARLEM with Matt The Cat.

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1st October
written by Matt The Cat

The Five Keys

Win Friday Night Cat Fight

Song: “Glory Of Love”

Votes: Five Keys – 20 Velvetones – 12

Don’t miss next Friday’s Cat Fight. It’s gonna be a good one. Count on dat, my cats n’ kittens.

Have a great weekend.

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