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23rd September
written by Matt The Cat


Email or send in your photos with some bio info and I’ll post your pictures and bios to let the world know that you are a true NIGHT PROWLER.

Here’s what I need:

Your Name
Your City or Town
Some Brief Bio Info such as occupation

A photo in .jpg or .gif format. If you don’t have a computer, you can mail me a photo and I’ll scan it in for you.

If you have your own website, I’ll post that as well.

Give me permission to post this info.

Email your Night Prowl info to: MattTheCat

Snail mail your info to:
Matt The Cat
c/o XM Satellite Radio
1500 Eckington Place NE
Washington, DC 20002

Click here to view the Night Prowlers Page.

Send in your stuff and let’s get this thing off the ground.
Matt The Cat

23rd September
written by Matt The Cat

Tonight, the world famous Friday Night Cat Fight returns to true form as two mega R&B; icons go head to head over the same song. ONLY YOU, the Night Prowler will decide their fate by voting for the one you dig the most. Don’t miss it.

It’s going to be another wild n’ crazy Night Prowl Show.

Daddy Dave’s Hollywood Diner follows The Night Prowl tonight on XM Channel 5.

Join me LIVE on air Saturday, September 24th from noon to four EST.

Have a great n’ groovy weekend.

21st September
written by Matt The Cat

The Sue Records Story
Tonight the Night Prowl Show takes a look at a little label with a BIG sounds that often gets overlooked by rock history; SUE RECORDS out of New York City. There was more to this label than Ike and Tina Turner’s first recordings together, Charlie & Inez Foxx and Bobby Hendricks. Get the full story of Sue Records Thursday Night on the The Night Prowl with Matt The Cat.